Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[RANT] I'm So Sorry

I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I wasn't able to make any updates due to the fact that my computer is broken since march and I haven't got the time to even visit the blog lately. I was also busy organizing an event that me and my friends started and it was a success. I am so happy with everything that is going on, this truly is my year.

I am also happy to inform everyone that I have gotten over my thing with Toni and everything is about unicorns and rainbows now. I just realized that he would be a complete waste of time and he is not worth it anyway. So might as well concentrate on Shirley and our future. There is the occasional flirts that I do with him though I only do it for the giggles and for fooling around pero walang malisya.

It doesn't mean that I am done with my thing with Toni that I will stop writing for you guys. Of course there's the occasional urge but I always keep my sanity in tact and won't let it take over me.

Moving forward I am hoping to buy a new set of gears for myself by the end of the year and a brand new computer is on that list. So brace yourselves guys, by the time that I do have one I'm gonna be updating as much as I could. See you guys soon, I am still alive and will not be dying I guess.

Here is a little something you guys might like:

I always dream of having this kind of bod'.

See you soon and always think positive guys!

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