Saturday, October 6, 2012

[RANT] I am crazy in the brain...

I don't know if its because of my homoerotic tendencies or something but I have come to realize that when I fantasize about my girl it's not me she is doing it with. Shirley and I have been cuddling once and we got into a conversation where we are asking one another if we think about each other when we are together in a sexy, kinky way, you know where you touch your genitals till you release your love juices. Masturbating is the right term... I was holding it up to build tension.

Well anyway as we we're talking about I brought up that usually when I think about her when I masturbate I told her that its always another man/woman she's doing it with. The thing is that I haven't gotten any sexual experience other than my girlfriend, any experience that does not involve penetration I don't count em. I always fantasize how she would moan and look at me while another person was making her feel good. It always makes me hard thinking about it. I even fantasized her with her brother having sex and she said I was hitting 2 birds with one stone. I opened up to someone and the other person's first impression was is it okey for me to bang your girlfriend. I said yes on the account that I will be there to witness it.

This has been my fetish since then even when I was young when  touch myself I don't always see myself doing the dirty work its either the person I'm jacking off too is having sex with someone or doing a solo show for me. Also, I jack off to my enemies as well often I picture them being banged by a lot of guys and a possible torture would arise from time to time. This post is getting too long spilling too much information here.


I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND. That I know and I don't doubt that.

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